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No one ever spoke the way this man does.

Text: John 7.46

The teachings of Jesus, as well as, his works, it has changed the history. The voice of Jesus has accomplished the biggest miracles already have seen for the man.

  • The Jesus’ voice has freed a sinner and adulteress woman; he got her out of death.  John 8.7-10 (Jesus has written on the ground the woman’s victory);
  • The Jesus’ sweet voice has consoled the widow of Naim, and he has promoted joy for those that follow the funeral procession, raising from the dead the only widow’s son. This event narrated only by Luke.  Luke 7.13-16 (the meeting of the death with the life on the way out of the town called Nain);
  • The Jesus’ voice has promoted the cure of hundreds sick people. Mathew 14.14 (the crowd follows Jesus in search of the miracles);
  • The power of the Lord’s voice has multiplied five breads and two fishes feeding almost five thousands men, beyond women and children. Mathew 14.19-21 (even hunger is supplied for Jesus );
  • The Master’s voice has restored the officer’s son. John 4.50-53 (the king’s officer were at the Cana in Galilee, he has received cure for his son who was with fever in Capernaum.);
  • The beloved Jesus’ voice, healing of a boy with a demon after brought him to disciples, who could not heal him, but when Jesus comes nobody can resist his voice. Mathew 17.16-18;
  •  Even the Wind and the waves obey the beloved Jesus’ voice. Mark 4.39-41; Luke 8.24,25 (even the power of the seas and the storms can resist the sweet master’s voice);
  • The beloved Jesus’ voice has transformed the Samaritan woman, to talk with the Master and heard his voice she was released of the all bad that has tormented her. John 4.7,10,15 (after revealed the woman’s life, Jesus has offered her living water);
  •  Jesus forgives the paralytic’s sins and commands the healing, restoring complete healing of sick. Luke 5.23-26 (the paralytic had forgiven the sins and cured his paralysis);
  • The Jesus’ voice has restored a Centurion’s servant in Capernaum, saying only one word that Centurion has asked and his servant was cured. Luke 7.6,7,10 (only word and my servant will be healed, through of the Centurion’s faith Jesus has made a miracle);
  • The master Jesus’ voice has pulled of the tomb a man named Lazarus dead after four days John 11.43,44(even dead can hold Lazarus’ spirit when invited for Jesus comes back in the midst of dead);
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