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The Four Revelation’s Knights

Text: Revelation 6.2-8

I – The White Horse v 2 – false peace
  • Period of the false peace.
  • The antichrist runs to conquer the nations.
  • The white says of peace.  1Thessalonians 5.3                
  • The bow says of reach, the field of antichrist action.
  • The crown is of the conqueror.
  • In this period the world will have a great prosperity. Daniel 11.3
  • The world will be been preparing to great Armageddon war. Joel 3.12-14
  • In this day, the man’s blood flowed out of the press, rising as high as the horse’s bridles. Revelation 14.20
  • The white of this knight is the false peace, to mislead the world, to seduce the nations, and the bible says that he will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven’. In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. Daniel 9.27
  • In this period, from the sky huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds each fell upon men. Revelation 16.21  Job 38.22,23

II – The Red Horse v 4 – war and spills of blood
  • In this moment the Jews will be been persecuting of the crush form because they made a covenant with the antichrist. Daniel 9:27
  • The rebellion church and the Jews will be persecuted of the merciless form. Mathew 24.21,22
  • The nations enter in one war never seen in the history; the stench of the bloodshed will take care of the people who stay here. Zephaniah 3.1,2
  • It’s day of the Lord’s wrath, war and bloodshed. Zephaniah 1.14-18
  • People will be afflicted with scorpions, during those days men will seek death, they will feel horror, and they bit their own tongue with pain and called to the mountains and the rocks, fall on us. Revelation 6.15,16; 9.5,6; 16.10,11; Isaiah 2:17-21  
  • We are free of these things, Paul written for Romans’ brothers saying:  there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8.1
  • The knight appears to seduce, to take the nations for the bloodshed of history, the atomic rockets will be shooting, the sun will be hurt and the warm in the earth will be wave heat will be very outrage. Mathew 24.28 Revelation 16.8,9
  • It will be unbearable to live here in the earth, after the church’s catch up in the great tribulation, escape for your life.

III - The Black Horse v 5 – famine and high prices of the wheat and barley
  • It says about famine and high prices that will destroy the earth’s nations. It says about rationing; the knight appears with a par of scales in his hands. Lamentations 4.4,5; Isaiah 41.17; Ezekiel 4.16,17.
  • Not only in Africa or north of Africa, but, here in Brazil and all over the world, many people won’t have food.
  • The famine will be destroying the nations with the opened the third seals, like Jesus says in Mathew chapter 24.
  • The nations will be anguished, what we eating or what we drinking, it is anguish, worried, decadence, tragedy that will happen in the earth.
  • But for us will rise the sun of righteousness because we are not like those who doesn’t have hope. Malachi 4:2

IV – The Yellow Horse v 7 – death
  • The Yellow horse speaks about death, the death to become evidence in four factors in the dramatic period of the peoples’ anguished.
1 – The Sword.
2- The Famine.
3- The Plagues;
  • There will be  two witness in this period of the Revelation chapter 11, death, yellow horse, because in millennium, third part of earth was killed, the most of the people died through of plagues, ulcers, pests, huge hailstones, woes and the bowls.  Revelation 16.2
4- death em great scale.
  • Nowadays is like the seals have been opened, AIDS, wrath, break bone fever.
  • The only way to escape of the Revelations prophecies is hold on The Jesus King.
  • Thousands peoples died every day in Somalia, peoples starving in the Africa and the hungry comes join the death.
  • In the biblical texts there are three kinds of death.
1-The physical death.
2- The spiritual death.
3- The eternal death.
  • There is solution to physical death, and to spiritual death, but there is no solution to eternal death. If someone has eternity death, it is under eternal condemnation, under the Creator’s judge.
  • Every man can die, because the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. 1Corinthians 15:55,56
  • But Jesus, the Lamb of the Lord, the branch of Lord comes to crush that who had the sting of death, the empire of death, to know about Satan, and when the Christ’ blood fall down in Calvary its represent the God’s People victory.
    Biblical Messages Christ lives.
    This article is free to all kinds of copies, provided it is not for profit. It is requested that the copy is mentioned the name of the author and source of collection next to the active link. Pastor Jules Rimet, the Revealed Word (Rhema) http://www.prjulesrimet.blogspot.com

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