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Angels, Ministering Spirits.

Text: Hebrews 1.7

Angels are spiritual been, created by God. They help him to realize his Works on Earth. The Word Angel comes from (Hb. Malak. Gr. Angelos) means Messenger. Hebrews 1.13,14;

Good angels and their functions.

  • They are used how God’s messengers for your servants. Luke 1.26; Judges 13.3; Mathew 1.20;
  • They are protectors of the God’s people on Earth. Genesis 18. 23-33; 48.16; Psalms 34.7; 91.11;
  • They are encouraged of the faithful. Genesis 16.7-10; 21.17,18; Judges 6.12;
  • They give the direction of the people that guide them in their path on the Earth. Exodus 14.19; 23.20;
  • They run through the Earth. Zechariah 1.9-14;
  • They realize divine punishment. 2 Samuel 24.16; Genesis 19.13; 2 Kings 19.35;
  • They fight against evil power. 2 Kings 6.16-18; Revelation 20.1,2;
  • One of their Works is giving continuous praise to God. Revelation 7.11,12; Psalms 103.20; 148.2;
  • They are used to serve the faithful on Earth. 1 Kings 19.5-8; Mathew 4.11;
  • They are used to advise the people on Earth. Ecclesiastes 5.6;
  • They are used to console and to save faithful. Isaiah 63.9; Daniel 3.28; 6.22;
  • They will be in the God’s judge to punish unfaithful. Mathew 13.41;
  • They are frequently before God seen his face. Mathew 18.10; Isaiah 6.3;
  • They are used to reprehend unfaithful and disobedient Christians. Numbers 22.31-35;
  • They are blessed those God-fearing. Genesis 31.11-13;
Bad angels and their functions.

  • They are accusers of God’s people. Revelation 12.10;
  • The hell is their destiny. Mathew 25.41;
  • The dungeons and the darkness are reserved for them. 2 Peter 2.4;
  • They have been kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for God’s judgment seat. Jude 6;
  • They come only to steal, and kill and destroy. John 10.10;
  • They prowl around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5.8;

 The angel of the Lord is own Jesus Christ in a representative language. (teofânia).

  •  The Hagar’s fled and her meeting with the angel of the Lord in the desert. Genesis 16.7-13;
  • He has appeared before Balaam’s donkey with a drawn sword. Numbers 22.23;
  • The angel of the Lord passed before Israel army to protect them Pharaoh’s fury. Exodus 14.19,20;
  • He stopped Abraham to slay his son in the Moriah Mountain. Genesis 22.11-18;
  • He has appeared to Israel in Bokim and renews his promises to conquer the land. Judges 2.1-5;
  • He has appeared to Manoah’s wife to announce the birth of Samson. Judges 13.3,17,18;
  • He has appeared to Joshua before to fall of Jericho. Joshua 5.13-15;

Biblical Messages Christ lives

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