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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Text: Song of Songs 2.17
The second coming of Jesus will be in two periods.
  •   For the church. 1 Thessalonians 4.16-17;            
  • The wicked will be left. Mathew 24.37-42;
  • There will be secret. 1 Corinthians 15:51;                        
  •  He will come in the air. 1Thessalonians 4.17;             
  •  There will be great mourning. Revelation 1.7;
  • He will come with the church. Mathew 24.30;
  • He will come on the Olives Mount. Zechariah 14.4;
  • The wicked will be destroyed. 2 Peter 3:10;

There are 2.879 versus in the bible about the coming of Jesus Christ, 318 are in New Testament in their 27 books.  I am coming like a thief, I am coming soon, wake up.

There will be three basic purpose to the snatched up.
  •   To rise up of the grave who died in Christ. 1 Corinthians 15.52;
  • To change and snatched up the alive. 1 Thessalonians 4.17;  1Corinthians15.51;
  •  Reward the faithful Christians. Revelation 22.12;

There will be three things when Jesus Coming.

  •  The uproar –for the Church.
  •  Voice of the archangel – for the Israel.
  •  Trumpet call of God – for the nations.
There will be two groups in the snatched up.
  •  Those who go in the heavens with a white stone and a new name written on it. – The church. Revelation 2.17;
  •  Those who come in the heavens with palm branches in their hands. – The martyrs.  Revelation 7.9;
Martyrs are those who died without deny their faith.
  • They were martyrized in the Saint’s Bartholomew night in France.
  •  They have died in the coliseum in Rome.
  •   Polycarp Overseer of the Smyrna has died suspended in the bonfire.
  • Reverend Richard Wurmbrand Romanian’s pastor tortured 14 years in Russia, he has his fingernails pull out, he has suffered brainwashing, he has seen his son been died for Russian soldiers,  they pull out his eyes, his ears and his heart.
  • Jesus Will come back in the twinkling of an eye, according to New Greek phonetic one of twinkling of an eye represents one   fraction of the seven thousandth second.
After the caughting up of the church, in Bema, there will be three glories.
  • Glory of the sun, glory of the moon, glory of the stars. 1Corinthians 15.41;
  • The Christians will be different in glory, who has worked a lot, much glory, who has worked a little, not much glory, who didn’t work without glory, they will be saved, but only as one escaping through the flames. 1Corinthians 3.15;
  • The great multitude with glorify body and a new name, has already wrote Solomon:  take me to the banquet hall. Song of Songs 2.4;
  •   In the entry of the wedding cerimony the church will shout the: Psalm 24.7-10;
In the wedding cerimony the churh will sing three songs.
  •  The song of Moses. Revelation 15.3a;
  •   The song of the Lamb. Revelation 15.3b;
  • The song of the redeemed. Revelation 14.3;
There will be waiting the church.
  •  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Mathew 8.11;
  • The bridegroom’s friend – John Baptist. John 3.29;
  •  Jesus will give us bread and wine.  Mathew 26.29;
  •  In this period the antichrist will be in the Earth and he will make covenant with Israel.  Daniel 9.27a;
  •   In the middle of seven he will blaspheme against God and he will break the covenant with Israel. Daniel 9.27b;
  • Then will happen the suffering period on the Earth. Mathew 24.15-22;
  •   The antichrist will seat on the throne of the Israel and he will claim worship. 2 Thessalonians 2.4;
  •  In the final of the seven he will gather a great army to destroy Israel and command the world. Daniel 9.26,27;
  •  With the elapse of suffer, the faithful Jews running to mountain of olives, and they mourn asking for the covenant accomplishment with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Zechariah 12.10;
  •  When Israel is grieving then a sign will appear in the sky. Mathew 24.30;
  • Jesus will come over the olives of mountain with the palm of his hands towards Jews.  Zechariah 13.6;
  • Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy the lawless. 2 Thessalonians 2.8;
  •   His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives. Zechariah 14.4;
  •  An angel will come down out of heaven and he bound the enemy for a thousand years. Revelation 20.1-3;
  •  Jesus will seat on the White throne to judge the nations, to establish the thousand year’s kingdom. Revelation  20.4-6;
Biblical Messages Christ lives.

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